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The BIOSMART project aims to meet the following scientific and technological objectives. It will:

  • Develop an operational framework for tailoring active and smart functional bio-based packages that address the demands of selected market segment.
  • Scale up existing laboratory level active and smart functionally technologies from TRL3(Technology Readiness Level) to prototype pilot scale level at TRL5.
  • Improve mechanical properties of the Polylactide (PLA) film by developing nanoclay composites and copolymers.
  • Implement a single or multiple active and smart technologies into three food package demonstrators (flexible/rigid plastic and cardboard) at acceptable costs.
  • Reduce the overall environmental impact of the value chain through novel material selection, package designs, recycling methodologies, extended shelf life and controlled product quality.
  • Introduce novel bio-based lipopeptide and peptide additives with anti-microbial, anti-fungal and/or anti-oxidant properties to increment food shelf life, new coatings with enhanced O2, CO2, water and UV barrier properties
  • Develop bio-based materials and a functionality selector application for defining an all-bio-based active and smart flexible and rigid packaging solution for the performance and commercial needs of the selected food.