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The BIOSMART Project aims to have the following industrial objectives. It will:

  • Improve the mechanical and/or functional properties of the packaging products developed against the current state-of-the-art in the field.
  • Ensure that fresh food packages that should be biodegradable or compostable and processed food packages that should be recyclable, in line with the EU’s objective of reducing the recyclable content in landfilled waste.
  • Reduce costs of packing compared to current materials measured on a life cycle basis.
  • Increase the shelf of food products through improved preservation.
  • Open new markets for new applications for biodegradable materials
  • Create a new cross-sectorial interconnection in bio-based economy clusters linking to the complete value chain, from bio-based raw material to end-users. It brings together and engages all value chain stakeholders as partners developing innovative technology and via an External Advisory Board representing key stakeholders directly affected in the product development.