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Bio-based smart packaging for enhanced preservation of food quality (BIOSMART) This project has the ambition to develop active and smart bio-based and compostable packages, addressing the needs of fresh and pre-treated food applications, as for example, light weighting, reduced residues, shelf life monitoring and longer shelf life, easier waste handling, and all this at a competitive cost. BIOSMART project develops thus encompasses an approach for selectively integrating super-hydrophobic surfaces, microencapsulated phase change materials, barrier coatings, sensoring devices, and new bio-active antimicrobial and antioxidants, into all-bio-based multilayer flexible plastic packages.
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ACTINPAK Final Conference

Upcoming final conference on Active and Intelligent Packaging: ActInPak Fair and Conference, COST Action FP1405 MC meeting and final conference 21. November 2018 , Vienna, Austria Media Quarter Marx, Maria-Jacobi-Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna.

It is held the day after

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